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Series 2017: a step ahead for electrical engineering

The Electro Graphics software for electrical and photovoltaic design, creates an environment with flexible solutions and integrated resources, in order to respond to the real needs day by day.
Wiring diagrams, bill of materials, calculation reports, plant layouts and budget and accounting documents communicate with each other to offer the tranquility of a safe and reliable design.
The best use of desktop and mobile tools, make diagrams and design data accessible in the simplest way, where they needs.
The Series 2017 is aligned to the new Autodesk AutoCAD® OEM as CAD engine and wants to highlight the strong step ahead, both technological and functional.

CAD electrics

  • new Autodesk AutoCAD® OEM 2017 CAD engine inside Eplus and iDEA 64-bit, for full compatibility with Windows 10;
  • new interface with the extension of the basic features and new themes and toolbar;
  • CADelet and Smart are compatible with Autodesk release 2017;
  • new symbols library for pneumatic and hydraulic with cross reference between electric and hydraulic diagrams;
  • Composition library for boxed elements as points of control and use;
  • diagram bundles of wires
  • wires and components analysis in real time, with speed increased up to 55%;
  • diagram identification according to the new revision of standard IEC 61082-1;
  • new tool for drawing pre-wired cables or preformed cordset;
  • global automatic generation of chart reports based on customized profiles;
  • generation of a technical dossier as PDF, with all the technical documents linked to the equipments in the wiring diagram.

Electrical calculation

  • updated laying tables IEC 60364-5-52 ed. 3.0;
  • new laying tables IEC 60502-2 for medium voltage cables;
  • new laying table IEC 61892-4 for cables for oil&gas and off-shore environment;
  • additional features in the cables database: soil thermal resistivity, temperature, XLPE insulation;
  • electrical network management according to the American standard NFPA 70:NEC;
  • calculation of faults according to standard IEEE141-1993;
  • management of cables in standard AWG;
  • transformers with three windings (TWT with two secondary);
  • enhancement of network/supply-group switching unit;
  • devices database updated for various manufacturers.

Wiring and estimation

  • compiling labels according to EN 62491 in Cablo;
  • more documents can be associated to a material code in Tabula.

Photovoltaic engineering

  • climate database updated with the new UNI 10349-1: 2016;
  • management of power optimizers for photovoltaic module and related inverter;
  • analysis of systems with use of power optimizers (energy issues and economic return);
  • upgrading and extension of document template and databases.

Ampère Mobile: App for smartphone e tablet

Ampère mobile is an App required for installers, designers and electricians, who wish to have at hand all the tools necessary for a correct dimensioning and verification of the electrical plant. Now you have all the design data available in the places where you need an immediate evaluation and control.


Solergo allows the complete design of grid-connected photovoltaic systems, developing the necessary documentation. Solergo International contains the database of locations around the world, so Allows to design and analyze a photovoltaic system to be installed in any part of the globe.